ASW 200 Swing

ASW 200 Swing

Swing Gates 02

Heavy Duty, Spring Closing

The Talbot ASW 200 swing door operator is a heavy duty, reliable unit, perfect for a wide range of commercial and domestic uses. This unit is fire rated and works as a spring closure when power fails.


  • Compact and quiet operator capable of driving door leaves up to 300kg and 1400mm wide
  • Built in obstruction sensitivity
  • Wide range of activation options including remotes, push buttons, sensors, keypads and more.
  • Fire Rated - (Fire Core Doors) Test No: DHAR FRT 190260a.1
  • Fire Test Approved on E-core Doors, Fire Core Doors and Pyropanel Doors.
  • DIY installation

Quality Components

Highly efficient long life and high torque brushless DC motor alongside an intelligent microprocessor that automatically detects door weight and adjusts accordingly to ensure smooth door operation.

Intelligent safety

All ASL sliding doors come standard with a dedicated fire signal input as well as obstruction sensitivity. Combining these features with infrared presence sensors make this one of the safest doors on the market.

Technical Specifications

  • Door configuration : Single or double leaf
  • opening time : 3 - 7sec (Adjustable)
  • Door leaf weight : up to 300Kg
  • Door leaf width : up to 1400mm
  • Working Voltage : 240V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Powder consumption : 100w
  • Hold open time : 0.5 - 30 Sec (Adjustable)
  • Environment temperature : -20°C - 45°C
  • Relative humidity : < 85%
  • Product Dimension (mm) : 128W x 610L x 88H

Key Features

  • Our door range uses cutting edge technology with a unique microprocessor system which can rapidly and accurately detect the door size and weight; and set the best operation parameters to make sure the door operates smoothly.
  • Long life, high torque brushless DC motor drive system. The helical gear transmission ensures stable and reliable operation with continued use on heavy door leaves.
  • Obstruction sensitivity - if when closing it meets an obstruction the doors will automatically re-open as per the AS 5007-2007. When the power is off, the doors are easily manually opened or closed.
  • Includes provision for BMS and fire signal link.
  • Available in anodised aluminium or powder coated finishes.
  • Fire tested


  • ASW 200 Drawing
  • ASW 200 Brochure
  • ASW 200 Installation Manual

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