Swing Gates

Commercial Automatic Swing Gates & Repairs


Why Should I Install Swing Gates?

If you need to add extra to your business, we can help. Automatic swing gates are a great addition to your property and add an extra level of . Swing gates look sophisticated and are a beautiful addition to any commercial premises.

Their design can be modified to suit your own decor and tastes. You can also choose from different materials when you start looking for auto swing gates, so your decor is consistent all across your property. We install automatic gates in Sydney and make sure the job is completed properly.

What If I Have A Small Property?

If you don’t have a lot of space on your property, you should consider bi-fold swinging gates, or even sliding gates. These have two parts that open in the middle and don’t have as long of an arc as traditional swing gates. This is perfect if you have a small yard or trees right near your entrance. The difference in style doesn’t mean there are any fewer options for you to choose from. You can still choose something to fit your current décor and choose from a number of materials.

We use FAAC swing gate motors that have proved to be commercially reliable and robust. They also have a good domestic motor rage as well. See more information about our product range.

Talbot Auto Doors provide a number of products and services suitable for residential customers, specialising in automatic doors and gates.

Retro-fitting and Repairs

If you already have auto swing gates installed and they’re starting to show their age, we offer a retro-fit service. We can replace old parts, so your gates work as smoothly as they did when they were new. The retro-fitting service means you can keep your current gates as they are and take advantage of new parts that will see them work more quickly. This is very cost-effective, since you’re not paying for a whole new gate to be installed and it also saves you a lot of time.

If your gates need to be repaired at any time, we can help. We offer a 24 hour service for automatic gate repairs in Sydney, so you’re not inconvenienced if your gates fail. We also offer a routine maintenance service that we carry out consistently, so we can pick up any problems that might not have presented themselves yet. By doing so, we can save you time and money and make sure your auto swing gates continue to work as new.

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