Timber Gates

Commercial Timber Gates


Reliable and Stylish

At Talbot Auto Doors, our range of high-quality timber gates bring a stylish, natural touch to your home, office or commercial property. Whether you’re looking for a sliding garage door or a hinged swing gate for the front of your home, the expertise & style of a Talbot Auto Doors installation offers value-adding and luxury.

Installations & Repairs For Timber Gates

If you’re interested in getting a quality timber gate for your property, rely on the expertise of the Talbot Auto Doors team. With 30+ years’ industry experience, we can efficiently and expertly install one of our timber gates, working with your schedule and availability. Simply click ‘Request A Quote’ and we’ll offer a no-obligation quotation on our timber automatic sliding door & gate installation.

What’s more, we offer a 24-hour repair service so that – should any problems occur – we can provide fast solutions so the of your property isn’t at risk.

For the leading local name in timber gate installation and repair, call Talbot Auto Doors today on 1300 560 608 or click ‘Request A Quote’.

Talbot Auto Doors provide a number of products and services suitable for residential customers, specialising in automatic doors and gates.