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Why Automate Your Homes Doors & Gates?
Added Security

Automatic doors and gates are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney homes as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also add security to your valued investment. Talbot auto doors offer a range of affordable automatic door and gate designs to suit your home.View some of our completed projects here.

Added Value

Adding automated systems to your home not only makes everyday life easier, but also acts as an investment for the future. Properties featuring automated systems increase street appeal and attract an upscale market should you wish to sell your home in the future.


Adding a gate to your home improves privacy for you and your family. Talbot offers a wide range of gate styles and sizes, allowing you to optimise your privacy in the age of city living.


Automated driveway gates and doors provide an undeniable sense of luxury- but why stop there? Custom designed automated pantry doors, walk in closets, and patio doors allow you to feel like you’re on vacation in your own home.Talbot offers luxury styles at affordable prices so everyone can feel like a million bucks without actually spending it.


Installing a new door or gate or automating an existing one, results in increased ease and accessibility. We want you and your family to feel comfortable and safe in your own home. Whether it’s the ease of driving into your property from a busy street with the touch of a button, or opening a door by motion sensors, your quality of life can be improved with our individual and customisable automated systems.

Talbot Auto Doors provide a number of products and services suitable for residential customers, specialising in automatic doors and gates.


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