Trackless Bi-Fold Swing Gates

Trackless Folding Gates


Talbot Automatic Doors and Gates unique bi-fold swing gate design offers a trackless bi-fold gate system which work reliably and is easy to install. The system has been tried and tested with many gates already installed in Sydney.

Please follow this link to our YouTube video on the bifold gates:

The system is based on precision engineering made easy using a modular system of inserts and sprockets that are precision made by our engineering department and these as then simply inserted into the aluminium gated frames to guarantee a functional and smooth-running gate every time.

Given our installation teams are currently only Sydney based, we now also sell a bifold kit that allows fabricators any where in the world to build and install their own bifold gates, requiring only to purchase the kit from us. For further information email:

Measuring Instructions

In measuring your bi-fold gate allowance needs to be made for the fall in the driveway as well as space for the hinges and the 100mm posts we recommend.


Your leaf width is calculated by taking the width between the gate posts less 90mm then divided by 4. Assume your existing brick post are 4000mm apart. Subtract the 100mm post thickness from both sides leaves a width of 3800mm, then subtract 90mm resulting in 3710 divided by 4 is 927.5 mm So each gate leaf width we would work with will be 928mm.

NOTE: WE RECOMMEND A GATE LEAF SIZE NO WIDER THAN 1500MM , the reason is that from experience we note that any larger causing twisting in the first gate leave as the second gate leaf passes through a 90 degree angle. This is obviously effected by the gate weight and infill design. Also, the load on the chain drive system get too excessive when gate are larger than this, especially if the gate are exposed to high winds.

If your gates must be larger or are exposed to high winds, we recommend a dual chain drive system both top and bottom be used.

We will make the bi-fold chain/cable length to suite the gate leaf width you provide us.

If you have a fall across your driveway then the bottom chain system will work if the fall is less than 300mm across 4M. If the fall is greater than 300mm then a top mounted chain system is recommended with the top of the gate being horizontal flat top gates.

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Fabrication Instructions

The gate fabrication process can be done by any Aluminium fabricator; however, they need to fabricate the gates as specified in these instructions for the bi-fold system to work correctly and have access to the metric 50x50x3mm aluminium square profiles.

The hinges and sprocket are designed to fit into a metric 50mm x 50mm x 3mm wall thickness aluminium square framing. The gate design needs to allow for the top and bottom ends of the gate frames to be open as depicted in the picture below.

With the bottom, mounted bi-fold chain system, any gate design can be used and the open stiles are shown in the drawing below. With the top mount, bi-fold gate chain system the top of the gate must be a flat top and the open styles are the reverse to what is shown in the drawing below.


If your preference is for surface mounted wood-cladding on the front face of the gate frames, this can be done with cladding up to 19mm thick. For this, the gate frames between leaves 1&2 and 3&4 need a 20 by 20 x 3mm square bar section to be welded onto the front face of the joining styles where the hinges will now be installed 20mm proud of the two gate panels.

The hinges are then mounted on these 20mm off-set bars and when ordering the bi-fold kit, specify the 20mm offset sprocket system.

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Bi-fold Kit ordering instructions.

The secret of the functionality of the Talbot bi-fold gates is the ability to make precision engineering easy. This process is achieved by the specific manufacturing process that works in conjunction with the bi-fold kit system that Talbot provides.

The hinge and sprocket components are all 100% aligned by fitting exactly into the 50x50x3 framing of the gate. This process allows for the chain drive system to be uniform through the full 180 arc of the centre gate panel.

The chain drive system needs to be customized to the width of every gate leaf. When ordering, you need to specify the gate leaf width.

There are two options with the bi-fold chain kit. The standard options and the 20mm offset option. The offset option is used to allow for surface cladding up to 19mm thick. Note however that the thicker the gate the wider they are when in the open position. With the 20mm offset the manufacture must weld a 20x20 section on the front face of the gate frames as discussed above.

To order the bifold kit from Talbots,

The kit will include the following:

Part of the Bifold Gate Kit (Sourced From Talbots)

  • a.4 x ball bearing hinges 2 x top and 2 x bottom (Gate Post Hinges)
  • b.4 x gate sprockets 2 x center and 2 x post sprockets
  • c.2 x S/Steel chains/cable with bottle screw connections
  • d.4 x S/Steel bi-fold hinges (Between frame 1&2 and 3&4) ( If gate is higher than 1200mm then request 6 hinges.
  • e.1 x gate stopper
  • f.12 x Stainless steel hinge mount s/steel counter sunk rivets


Tri-fold gates.

The system can also work with tri-fold gates, this is however susceptible to wind forces and is only suitable in special circumstances.


For more information on trifold gates view this YouTube video:

For further information or a quote request please contact Talbot Automatic Doors and Gates on 1300560608 or email

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