Disabled Swing And Sliding Doors

Disabled Swing And Sliding Doors

Talbots supply and install swing and sliding door suitable for the disabled. We are NDIS registered and provide a range of disabled door controller options.

Talbot supplies and installs swing and sliding disabled toilet doors and door controllers.  Our custom disabled door controllers are compliant with Australian standards and easy to use and install. Talbot is also NDIS registered and can support any NDIS auto door project.

How the Disabled Door Controller works

  • On entry, lights will indicate if the toilet is occupiedor vacant, if vacant then activate the “open button” by either pushing the push button or waving your hand in front of the touchless infra-red button
  • The door will open and remain open for a pre-set time.
  • After the time delay the door will then close, when its fully closed, the user can lock the door by activating the “internal lock button”. This will lock the door and switch the light on the outside plate from vacantto
  • The door will then remain locked until the user is ready to exit. When ready they activate the “internal open button”.The door will then unlock and open.
  • After the hold open time the door will automatically close, but not lock. The vacantlight on the outside plate will be illuminated.
  • The outside plate also has a security over ride key switch, which will allows access for the building security in the event a person finds themselves stuck in the toilet.

Parents Rooms

The system also provides unhindered automatic access for parents with babies and small children, ideal for shopping centre parents rooms.

This works with both sliding and swing doors and combined with the safety sensors installed with the doors, safety and privacy is assured. The door can only be locked after the door is fully closed which reduces the risk of small children locking themselves inside on their own. Further, the outside plate has an emergency key switch access that security can use to open the doors in the event someone is stuck inside.

For further information or a quote request please contact Talbot Automatic Doors and Gates on 1300560608 or email sales@talbotautodoors.com.au

NDIS Support,

Talbot auto doors, also support other NDIS project as show in this video.  This is a cantilever gate mounted upstairs in a residential house to prevent a disabled childe from falling down the stairs : https://youtu.be/OePwj3OF6rg

Automatic Doors For Disabled Access

Automatic doors are a great addition to any home as they can add a modern touch and an element of convenience, especially for homes of those with disabilities or the elderly, as they provide an automatic entry or exit point to any part of the house.

NDIS Registered Auto Door For People With Disability

We offer a range of affordable sliding door solutions and can customise products according to your specifications.
The team at Talbot Automatic Doors & Gates have been providing auto doors for people living with disability for over three decades, and we are experienced both in modifying doors in existing homes, and working with builders when planning new homes or public buildings that will be more accessible for all.

Talbot Auto Doors are NDIS registered specialists when it comes to supplying and installing automatic doors in your home, so give us a call today and find out how we can assist you with installing automatic doors at your Sydney residence.
We are happy for contractors and planners to consult with us on the best way to install auto doors for wheelchair users as well as other approved NDIS auto doors that will make any space more user friendly for people with a range of different mobility needs.

Reasons to install automatic doors in your home:

  • Improved accessibility.
  • Future proof your home and add value.
  • Turn rooms into outdoor entertaining areas with the press of a button.

Talbot Auto Doors provide a number of products and services suitable for residential customers, specialising in automatic doors and gates.



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