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Commercial Automatic Sliding Gates

Why Should I Install Sliding Gates?
Installing sliding gates is an effective way to add some security to your house or business building and to freshen up your look. We have a range of sliding gates to choose from and these can be customised to suit your needs.
You can even suggest designs and materials for us to work with, so we keep within the decor on your house or building. Talbot Auto Doors and Gates have a range of materials to choose from for your sliding gates and we go to great lengths to meet your needs.

Where do they work best?
Sliding gates are often a great choice for places with limited space, especially when you compare them to the swing gate variety that need a lot of room behind them. You have the choice of automatic sliding gates, or just plain sliding gates for your property – the choice is yours. They can often add some sophistication to a building or complex but they don’t have the severe privacy of roller shutters or panel lift doors.

If you already have sliding gates – automatic or otherwise – that just need a bit of work, we can upgrade them. If you don’t need to install completely new gates, and have noticed that a few parts have stopped working, we offer a retro-fitting service. This means your gates will be working like new, without a lot of hassle or time being taken. If your gates stop working at any time, Talbot Auto Doors can assist with automatic gate repairs in Sydney.

Take advantage of the routine maintenance and repair service that we offer, so your gates are checked consistently and any problems that are lurking can be fixed before they become serious.

Contact us today for any questions regarding sliding gates or automatic gate repairs in Sydney.

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